Your message appears where it’ll produce results … from news sites to blogs to social media and more … according to a plan customized for your goals.



Geofencing gets your message where you want it … the governor’s office, the legislature, or others in Trenton or elsewhere.


Geofencing controls where your digital ads are -- and aren’t -- seen.


We can laser focuses your ads ... on an entire state … an individual address … or anything in between.


Ask about The Digital Lobbyist.

Audience Building

We identify people interested in your issue and message ... and build a custom audience that supports your goals.


Used by national issue groups, political campaigns, and corporations, we’ve made this digital advocacy technology available to -- and tailored specifically for -- lobbying, government affairs, and issue campaigns in New Jersey.


Ad Creative


Already have a graphic designer to create your ads? Terrific! We’ll be glad to work with them.


You don’t? We can take care of it.


And if you need a landing page we can do that, too.


Social Media Strategy


You need a social media strategy that drives your message … an annual editorial calendar … and content to fill it, too … because social media for lobbying and government affairs is more than a once-in-a-while post.

Social Media Listening

What are people saying on social media about your issue?

Is your opposition spreading misleading information, undermining your message, and jeopardizing your effort … and you can’t respond … because you don’t know it's happening?

Until it's too late.

Social listening monitors the chatter, alerting you to what they and others saying … so you can respond … quickly … and set the record straight.


photo Roger H. Goun

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