VIDEO STORYTELLING ... Adding Depth and Meaning to Your Message

Intimate and personal, video storytelling gives your lobbying and government affairs message depth and meaning.

Video storytelling for lobbying and government affairs captures your issue through the words of one New Jerseyan.

Video storytelling is not about talking heads or lengthy interviews … and it’s not about dramatic music or special effects.

It’s about one person … and their story.

The Human Dimension

And we get up close and personal … capturing their unique experience and perspective ... adding an emotional and human dimension to your message.

Trained by Michael Rosenblum, the father of mobile journalism, we produce our video stories like mobile journalists.

Which means we’re nimble … we don’t rely on bulky equipment or expensive crews.

We focus on the story.

VIDEO NEWS RELEASE ... Adding Impact to Your Message

Your message gets extra attention when it’s delivered in a video news release.

Produced to look and sound like a recorded television news package, your video news release adds sound and motion to your issue and makes your message more compelling.

An example of video storytelling ... the Gramercy Typewriter Company


photo Roger H. Goun

Creative Commons Attribution License

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