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Gov. Horace Griggs Prall

(From the National Governor's Association.)

Office Dates: January 3, 1935 - January 15, 1935


Born: March 6, 1881

Passed: April 23, 1951

Birth State: New Jersey

Party: Republican

Family: Married Inez Post; three children

School(s): Harvard University, New York University

Horace G. Prall, the fifty-fifth governor of New Jersey, was born near Ringoes, New Jersey on March 6, 1881. His education was attained at the State Model School, at Harvard University, where he graduated in 1906, and at New York University, where he earned an LL.B. degree in 1908. After establishing his legal career, Prall entered into politics. From 1926 to 1927 he served as a member of the New Jersey House of Representatives; and from 1928 to 1936 he was a member of the New Jersey State Senate. He also served as senate president from 1935 to 1936. On January 3, 1935 Governor A. Harry Moore resigned from office, and Prall, who was president of the senate at the time, assumed the duties of the governorship. He served in this capacity until January 15, 1935, when he then returned to his senate seat. In 1937 he secured an appointment to serve on the Common Pleas Court bench, a position he held five years. Governor Horace G. Prall passed away on April 23, 1951 in Trenton, New Jersey.


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