• Ernest Landante Jr

New Jersey State Senate Voting Session, Thursday, January 31, 2019

Senate Session, 2:00 PM, Senate Chambers

Board List

A591 Cash-paying consumers-proh. discrim.

A764 Alyssa's Law-sch., equip. w/panic alarm

A1400 Class Three spec law enforce off-revise

A3937 Water sys. emp.-reside in same mun.

A4134 Secure Choice Savings Prog. Act

A4701 Food surplus donation-DHS estab portal

A4734 Hist. Trust, hist. site mgt.;$1.190M

AJR149 Brain Aneurysm Awareness-desig September

AJR164 Advanced Autonomous Veh Task Force-estab

S15 Min. wage-raises rate $15

S58 Tax abatement agreements-mun file copies

S393 Talent Network Prog.-estab.

S484 Newborn Screening prog.-revises

S778 Campus Sexual Assault Commission-estab.

S834 Diabetes test devices-proh. resale

S915 Vet. affordable housing-concerns

S1500 Campaign finan. disclosures-concerns

S1784 Doula care-prov. Medicaid coverage

S1790 Wages, failure to pay-concerns law

S2044 Deaf Student's Bill of Rights-estab.

S2045 Deaf-concerns early language develop.

S2241 New Jersey-Made-dev. desig.

S2401 Farming operations-concerns loans

S2428 Massage therapists-prof. liab. insur.

S2469 Fed. contract barred-proh. pub. contract

S2475 Insur. producers-proh. cert. standards

S2505 Vegetation Mgmt. Response Act

S2507 Dental prov. networks, cert.-concerns

S2528 Family leave, temp. disab.-revise law

S2631 Water sys. emp.-reside in same mun.

S2676 Sch. Bd.-prov. law enforce. w/sch. maps

S2690 Pharmacy benf.-concerns

S2785 Cash-paying consumers-proh. discrim.

S2891 Secure Choice Savings Prog. Act

S2898 Fire & EMS Crisis Intervention Svcs.

S2943 Campaign fds.-concerns use

S2947 Loc. Pub. Contracts Law-release bid list

S2986 Panic button for hotel emp.-concerns

S3042 SHBP, SEHBP-creates subaccounts

S3043 Family day care prov.-crim. hist. check

S3061 Apprenticeship prog.-corp. bus. tax cred

S3063 Apprenticeship course-tuition fee waiver

S3065 Youth apprenticeship pilot prog-estab.

S3125 Coll. Loans repymt St. Students-concerns

S3149 Coll Loans, Assist St Students Loan Prog

S3151 Hist. Trust, hist. site mgt.-$1,190,349

S3238 Food surplus donation-DHS estab portal

S3240 Charlie's Law-concerns prescr medication

S3245 Class Three law. enforce. off-revise law

S3292 2019-2020 budget message-extend deadline

SCR120 Armed Forces, sexual harassment-address

SCR138 Veh. emission standards-reduce

SJR54 Transit Alt. Rev. Task Force-estab.

SJR67 Fourteenth Amendment Constit-150th anniv

SJR98 Brain Aneurysm Awareness-desig September

SJR105 Advanced Autonomous Vehicle Task Force

SR101 Gateway Prog. funding-urges approval

SR120 Senate Rules-amends

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