• Ernest Landante Jr

New Jersey State Senate Voting Session, Thursday, March 14, 2019

Senate Session, 2:00 PM, Senate Chambers

Board List

A557, Nepotism policies-adopt by sch. dist.

A1428, Child Trafficking Awareness Pilot Prog.

A1954, Telemarketers-concerns

A4135, Parking meters, digital-concerns

A4897, 20 yr ferry boat loc pub contract-permit

AJR114, Buy Local Week-desig. last full wk, July

S463, Meals on Wheels-vol contrib, tax returns

S477, Sexual abuse-extends limitations statute

S542, High Point St. Park & Vet. Memor-redesig

S731, Bicycle/scooter, low-speed-reg operation

S748, Dentistry Bd.-adds one dental assist.

S1106, Latex gloves-DOH devel plan to phase out

S1606, Energy efficiency-small bus qual, loans

S1729, Streptomyces griseus-desig. St. Microbe

S1960, Sch. bus driv.-admin. epinephrine

S2579, Parking meters, digital-concerns

S2653, Child Trafficking Awareness Pilot Prog.

S2674, Animals warrantless seizure-revise

S2707, Children-prev. sexual abuse task force

S2709, Students-concerns sexual assault

S2711, Child abuse training-teaching certif.

S2720, Autocycle-concerns insur. coverage

S2807, Funeral directing-concerns practice

S2861, Mental health-part of ed. curriculum

S3032, Telemarketers-concerns

S3040, Asbestos-proh. use in bldg. construction

S3042, SHBP, SEHBP-creates subaccounts

S3057, Land surveyor lic.-St.-specific exam req

S3062, Apprenticeships-bus. tax cred.

S3066, High-Growth Industry Apprentice Devel.

S3067, Apprentice Assist. Support Pilot Prog

S3100, Hemophilia treatment prog.-concerns

S3137, Electronic Bidding Constr. Act

S3172, Pub. sch. suicide prev. instruct.-req.

S3207, Global Warming Resp. Act-new timeframes

S3240, Charlie's Law-concerns prescr medication

S3263, Deaf and Hard of Hearing-Adv. Council

S3288, Priv sch disab students-concerns expend

S3327, Latino, Hispanic Heritage-estab. comm.

S3330, Child care svc.-permit sch. prop. use

S3369, Loc. officials-proh. retro. salary incr.

S3456, 20 yr ferry boat loc pub contract-permit

S3468, Max. Emp. for People w/Disab. Task Force

S3500, Fed. emp., consumer agency report-proh.

S3585, Homelessness Prev. Off.-estab.

S3586, Lifetime emerg. assist.-concerns

SJR77, Buy Local Week-desig. last full wk, July

SJR115, Pharmacogenomics Comm.-estab.

SJR119, Doula Appreciation Day-desig. March 22

SJR120, Doula Appreciation Wk-March 22nd to 28th

SR98, Naloxone-req. police be equipped

SR129, March 1st Movement-recognize 100th anniv

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