• Ernest Landante Jr

Sweeney Announces 2019 Senate Committee Assignments

Community & Urban Affairs

Singleton, Chair Rice, Vice Chair Stack Connors O’Scanlon Education

Ruiz, Chair Turner, Vice Chair Beach Cunningham Doherty Thompson (vacancy) New R Labor Madden, Chair Lagana, Vice Chair Greenstein Addiego Bucco Transportation Diegnan, Chair Gopal, Vice Chair Gill Sacco Holzapfel Singer Budget and Appropriations Sarlo, Chair Cunningham, Vice Chair Vacancy Cruz-Perez Diegnan Greenstein Ruiz Singleton Addiego Bucco Oroho O’Scanlon Thompson Commerce Pou, Chair Cryan, Vice Chair Scutari Cardinale Kean Health, Human Services & Senior Citizens Vitale, Chair Madden, Vice Chair Codey Gopal Lagana Rice Corrado Holzapfel Singer (vacancy) Economic Growth Cruz-Perez, Chair Singleton, Vice Chair Turner Oroho Pennacchio Environment and Energy Smith, Chair Vitale, Vice Chair Codey Bateman Corrado Higher Education Cunningham, Chair Pou, Vice Chair Ruiz Brown Kean Law & Public Safety Greenstein, Chair Cryan, Vice Chair Lagana Sacco O’Scanlon (Vacancy) New R Judiciary Scutari, Chair Pou, Vice-Chair Lagana Sarlo Singleton Smith, B. Weinberg Bateman Cardinale Corrado Doherty Military & Veterans’ Affairs Gopal, Chair Vacancy, Vice Chair Turner Connors Pennacchio State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Beach, Chair Cruz-Perez, Vice Chair Stack Brown Thompson

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